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Treatment of the Pain of Neck

In our clinic analyse all the factors that give origin to the pain To be able to give a specific treatment to the patient and avoid his relapse.

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Treatment of the “Elbow of Tennist”

Our method allows a fast improvement in a term of 1 to 3 sessions, Allowing you go back to compete the before possible.

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Training Customised

Already you are sporty of elite or only want to improve your physical form, In our centre will be able to attain your aims with the last tendencies.

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Rehabilitation of injuries and post-surgical

Our methods of rehabilitation will allow you go back to realise your activity Daily in a term of time reduced and warn relapses.

Clinical Physiotherapy Rega

We treat major ailments physiotherapy methods with more pointers
so shorten recovery and prevent relapse.


We treat a wide range of dolecias with the most advanced methods:

Cervical pain
Low back pain
Carpal tunnel
Plantar fasciitis
Besides We Treat

Fisioterapia Deportiva

We use the most advanced methods so you can return to competition as soon as possible:

Tennis elbow
Sprains and Dislocations
Micro-breakages and fractures Muscle
Contractures and overloads
Knee pain
Groin Pain
Shoulder pain


The main objective of our team is that the patient recover its autonomy to daily activities, often getting even improve pre-injury status or operation.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

We include in this section all the pathologies or situations in which the patient has undergone surgery and required a long-term rehabilitation.

Injury Rehabilitation

We talk about injuries not completely prevents performing activities of daily life and work but that largely limited as a result of pain and / or limitations of movement

Personal training

Our professional guide you through the basic movements to create future guidelines which prevent injury at work or on the sporting activity .

Electro Vest

The use of our vest leads to a further increase in tension, producing very effective training and a level unattainable by conventional methods.

Injury Prevention

Exercises custom which activate the muscles that generates most frequent injuries and thus achieve a muscle balance that allows a complete professional and sporting life without limitations.

Our values

Our goal is clear, help the patient to recover from injury as soon as possible so you can return to your everyday life soon.

The passion we have for physiotherapy and sport makes us focus on each patient to not only treat but prevent future injuries and improve the quality of life quality and sport performance.

Whether you are a professional athlete as an amateur try to improve your fitness in order to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

Our methods of treating injuries or train adapt to our customers taking into account their everyday life, work, physical activity or future competitions.

Every day we pay attention to new methods and trends that can help our patients, thus achieving the best tools to shorten treatment.